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Písková Lhota

Kontaktní informace
  • Poděbradská 17, Písková Lhota 290 01
  • Úřední hodiny: Po 9-11:30h, 13-17h,
  • St 9-11:30h, 13-18h
  • Telefon: +420 725 524 423
  • E-mail: piskova.lhota@seznam.cz
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Oficiální web obce Písková Lhota

Our village is situated in the Labe basin 3 km from the spa town of Podebrady. With an average elevation of 188 meters is one of the lowest points on Poděbradská. The village has good accessibility to nearby towns and even in the capital with close to D11. For a pleasant travel by bus routes also contributed to new wood stops. For the safety of the village, which is threatened by speeding drivers, traffic lights were built having the task to prevent this. He lives less than 430 people here, this situation has slightly increased over the last decade. The village is surrounded by mainly pine and mixed forests, which are suitable for recreation and contact with nature. The forest is located near the playground, which is built tartan track is used primarily to our successful volunteer firefighters. On the outskirts of the village pond is built, which boasts the interests of local fishermen. Throughout the resort are located the new play elements for children, the largest children's playground located in front of a local shop, Coop, which is often visited by families from the surrounding villages. The village was completely gasification and sanitation, is currently being built and water supply. Our community is trying to accommodate all residents and create their facilities for a pleasant and comfortable life.

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